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Image by Peter Broomfield

Ampius Technologies

Automate Inspections with AI

Our innovative product line specializes in the detection of damages on items through advanced photo and video analysis, eradicating the necessity for traditional physical inspections. Our all-encompassing vehicle inspection system provides a holistic solution tailored for diverse industries.

Why Choose Our Ai Inspection Solution


95-99% Accuracy in Damage Detection


It take us a few minutes to assess a vehicle

Secure GDPR

GDPR Complaints, secure AWS/Azure Cloud

NO Manual Setup

Our API are easy to integrate with any car inspection tool


Our car damage inspection system can detect various types of damages across metal, plastic, fiber, glass and rubber car parts.

Car Mechanic
Image by Bao Menglong


AI-driven flight visual inspection: Detect damage on aircraft, even reflective surfaces, with CV and Deflectometry. Real-time analytics, remote configurability for centralized management.

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Leonard, CEO, MyGutachter

“Among all the solutions we've tested to automatically detect damage on vehicles from photos provided by our users, not only did Carscape eclipse the competition but their results also exceeded by far our expectations..”


4th Floor Innovation Hub,AKTU Jankipuram Extension, Lucknow India 22603


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