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Ampius Technologies

Inspect your car with in seconds!

Test Drive the Future of Vehicle Inspections


Damage Detection
Identify varieties of defects across components made of metal, plastic, fiber, glass, and rubber.
Fraud Detection
Advanced fraud identification through images/videos, such as detecting pre-existing damages and analyzing metadata.
Claim Assessment
Tailored claim assessment and product evaluation designed to align with repair practices specific to each market.
Text Scanning
Automatically extract Odometer, VIN, License plate, or any other text present on the vehicle.
Photo & Video Inspection
Web applications enabling end customers to capture high-quality photos and videos.
Real Time Guidance
Instantaneous feedback to customers regarding the quality of their captured photos and videos.

Why Choose Carscape

Get detailed reports on vehicle health 
in seconds with technology 
providing accurate insights.

Automate inspections to save time, 
reduce errors, and streamline processes.

Detecting visible damage in any picture ensures accurate assessments.

Our inspections offer precise 
assessments under all conditions:
weather, lighting, angle, and distance.

Conduct inspections anytime, anywhere  with any smartphone.

Real-time picture pre-processing ensures  compliance and fraud prevention. 

How Carscape Works

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